Pilot Mountain + Hubei Turquoise and Sterling Silver Cuff

  • $320.00

Heavy weight, Pilot Mountain and Hubei Turquoise cuff with a satin finish. It will fit most medium to large wrists and is just barely adjustable. The cuff itself is 6 1/4” from tip to tip and has a 1" opening. Please measure your wrist before purchase! 

YOU ARE MAGIC is stamped on the backside of this cuff, a gentle reminder that you are unique and wonderful and the world needs someone like you! 

Pilot Mountain Turquoise is mined in Nevada, Hubei Turquoise is mined in China. 

-->Size Details<--
Cuff Backplate Length: 2 1/4"
Cuff Backplate Width: 1 1/2"

Each piece is handcrafted by Lindsay Guest in Tulsa, OK.