Permanent Jewelry Appointments for 3/19

  • $20.00

Bracelets only on this day..

This appointment will secure your seat for a permanent bracelet at the designated time on March 19, 2023. The appointment will be at X Goods Vintage, 856 East Admiral Blvd Tulsa, OK. 

I will have sterling silver, gold fill and 14 karat gold chain available. You will pick your desired chain/chains and then we will decide how loose you want your bracelet. After we find a good length, I’ll secure the chain and get ready to weld it. This is a relatively quick process and the weld is over in about 1 second. I’ll have eyewear for protection. It’s painless, of course. I’ll use a piece of leather to separate your skin from the chain as I weld.

I’ll collect the remainder of payment at the appointment.